Atelier Petrak | Gesslgasse 10, 1230 Wien

Opening hours: Wednesday - Friday | 12:00 a.m.- 7:00 p.m.
and by appointment

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far away

Incident of light


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The inner Youth

She was lying in a corner in a room surrounded by things that no one else wanted as well.

She was pale, dusty, drawn by the traces of many years.
They had forgotten that she exists.

It was unforeseen luck that she landed in the hands of an artist.

But now ... she is alive again.

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Atelier PetraK celebrates one year | "key to art"


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Petra Köck Reiter (PetraK) lives and works in Vienna. To describe her works, even experienced critics are searching for adequate words. You have to see it.

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In addition to her "soul images" one of her most famous creations is the cycle "Tarot", which she was creating over 5 years. This card set is popular worldwide.

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